It´s our objective to show the function of nature and its natural processing printed on a slide. 

By visualizing an everyday plant  on a slide we can find its characteristic marks like footprints left on the material.  

Thus the photo gets to be a relyable testamony and this way it´s going to be an extraordinary and unique proof of the natural process. 

During our studies pictures were taken by the Camera Obscura and we participated with our work in the exposition "Function of Objects”. 
That was the beginning of the alchemical calendar with our specialized camera, as well as the joint work on the Master examen which allowed us to do experimental photography with 9 x 12 slides.  

Participation in the FH publication on Innovative Photography, authors Professor Gudrun Scholz and Professor K.-M. Holzhäuser. 

Inclusion of slides in the annual gift of the Bielefelder Kunstverein, Museum Waldhof. 

Performing of exhibitions, presentations and events.   

Ruth Güse

Dorothea Bornemann